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Clinking Whiskey Glasses

Mike's Faves

Mike, owner and bartender at Cocktail Cool West let's you know what his favorite drinks are and how to make them.

Different drinks will be featured here, so be sure to visit regularly.

Image by Jeff Siepman

Mulled Wine

Dissolve one pound of sugar in two pints of hot water, to which add two and a half pints of good sherry, let the mixture be set upon the fire until it almost boils; meantime beat up the whites of twelve eggs to a froth and pour into them the hot mixture, stirring rapidly. Add a little nutmeg.

Image by Ram HO 🇲🇽

Blue Blazer

Use two large silver plated Mugs with handles.

One wine glass of Scotch whisky; one wine glass of boiling water. Put the whiskey and boiling water in one pub, ignite the liquid and while blazing mix both ingredients by pouring them for or five times from one mug to the other. If well done, this will have the appearance of a continued stream of fire. Sweeten with one teaspoon of powdered white sugar and serve in a small tumbler with a piece of lemon. 

Image by Pixzolo Photography

Italian Lemonade

Pare and press twenty-four lemons; pour the juice on the peels and let it remain on them all night. In the morning add two pounds of loaf sugar, a quart of good sherry and three quarts of boiling water. Mix well; add a quart of boiling milk and strain it through a jelly bag until clear.

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