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Preparing Cocktails


The world of cocktail culture started around 150 years ago when American bartender Jerry Thomas put
together a published book of alcoholic drink recipes titled “How to make drinks and mix them”. The
word Cocktail actually was derived from a drink that was a specialty as was a Collins, a Shrub or a Rickey.
In 1869 another author on beverages made with alcohol, William Terrington, in his book Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks published in 1869 said “Cocktails are compounds very much used by early birds to fortify the inner man, and by those who like their consolations hot and strong.”
Cocktail Cool West is a new site, but it is modeled after Cocktail Cool established back in 2008 by Mike Armstrong. It focused on bar culture but was geared towards the Asian market that was curious about the world of cocktails.
There was also a bartending textbook published in Chinese and English to compliment the website. The
motivation of both was to empower bartenders to encourage customers to demand quality when ordering a cocktail in a bar, as well as providing the knowledge to discern what makes a quality mixed drink.
Cocktail Cool West has the same goals, but instead of Asia, we are focusing on the West. This means
focusing on distillers and venues that service the region, starting with Wyoming. The Cowboy state has a
rich history of hotels and bars which can still be visited. Cocktail Cool West wants to feature them.
Cocktail Cool West wants visitors to our site to know the brands and products that are Wyoming made, yet include some popular brands that are based out-of-state. We want to educate about what Cocktail Culture is all about in this area.
We are always going to be a work in progress, because that what Cocktail Culture is.

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